Releases Of New Mens Shoes

Various Releases Of New Mens Shoes

There are many iconic shoe brands out there today and with that comes various types of modern mens shoes. For regular people it’s easy to lose track of the newest and best shoes. Here’s the latest news and mens shoes releases from various brands.

The Adidas zebra 350 boost was quickly bought out through their mobile app. China’s app however got hacked and an individual bought 80 shoes and tried to pick them all up at once. He fell as he was leaving and dropped his many boxes of shoes, and crowds of people started mobbing up and beating him. For reasons unknown, the BHD Mens Shoeswere left untouched by the mob.

The Nike Flyknit Trainers made a comeback with a black and white interwoven design. They’ve added the design in multicolor and classic blue color ways. These are the more preferred version over their flyknit racers. Nike and Jordan stock shares have been going down as adidas goes up. This is because Kanye West’s latest deal with adidas and his yeezy mens shoes.

Lonzo Ball has just been picked up by the LA Lakers and his dad kept his word about making him his own shoe. Lavar Ball already knew his brother was going to be chosen by the NBA team and helped a little in making the design. It’s white purple and yellow color way is a tribute to his team. The ZO2 is also getting a dark black color way in the future.

Russel Westbrook is another NBA player who has his own shoes but under Nike’s brand. His Westbrook 2.0’s have a high quality type of suade and comes in a dark red or blue color way. His fashion choices are clearly defined in his mens shoe design and Nike is going to collaborate with him again in the future.

The top mens shoes brand established since the 1998 championship, Jordan makes not only mens shoes and womens shoes for normal wear but sports as well. Since the brand has taken off it has been innovating the mens shoe design industry and how people dress. Some modern designs include the vapor wear series which is not only catchy for the eyes but good for the ecosystem too. The Vapormax comes in a dark red and black color way and incorporates their new clear see through cushions. The cushions bounce back a little and gives you a feeling as if you were walking on air.

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